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  • Celebrities & Well known people from various walks of life have shared there message on the World Goodness Day with us.
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    • P. B. SREENIVAS  -  Playback Singer
    • Posted On: 25/10/2009
    • For children, parents are God as well as the first Gurus. It is they, undoubtedly, who shape the character of their child. Their greatness lies in the fact that even if children don’t care for them, they care for their children more than anybody else. Competent parents can guide their child    Read more.

    • RAMESH ARVIND  -  Actor
    • Posted On: 26/10/2009
    • Let your thoughts,words and actions all be same and all be good. That will be secret of ultimate peace within yourself and happiness in life. Being good just makes life easier for everyone .So ‘Be the BEST YOU can’.

    • Posted On: 27/10/2009

      Be Good! Do ONLY Good!


      How times have changed! Obviously, we have enough to crib about!! There is global warming, water scarcity, congestion due to population explosion… But out of all these problems    Read more.

    • DR. DEBORAH THIAGARAJAN  -  Founder, Dakshina Chitra
    • Posted On: 28/10/2009
    • Be kind to everyone - your parents, siblings, friends and even animals. Keep your house in order, start with picking up your toys. Don't throw things around. At Dakshina Chitra, we end up cleaning the whole place after children leave. Eat what is put in front of you.

    • Y GEE MAHENDRA  -  Actor
    • Posted On: 29/10/2009
    • TO CHILDREN & ADULTS ALIKE--Here's a little something I try to follow in life :
      Make attempts to do good to your Fellow Beings, If you can't, it doesn't matter. But DEFINITELY DESIST FROM DOING HARM TO THEM. You'll be surprised how easy our existence will become.

    • G.V.RAO  -  Sales Expert & Advertising Model
    • Posted On: 30/10/2009
    • Always be helpful and good as the joy of living is in helping others. If you are kind, loving and pure, God will love you for sure.

    • GAYATRI SANKARAN  -  Carnatic Musician
    • Posted On: 07/11/2009
    • Respect your parents and teachers. Do not be jealous of others; be affectionate to them. Give up notions of caste and creed; think that everyone is an Indian. This will help you become good citizens of the country.

    • GOPIKA VARMA  -  Mohiniyattam Dancer
    • Posted On: 24/11/2009
    • Help all, harm none. Let nobody fall for we are one. Let children be children. Teach them to live in harmony.