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Recently with the unprecedented increase in terrorism, murders, robberies and other terrifying & depressing events in the world, we sometimes wonder about the kind of safety today's children will have tomorrow. And we always resign to the fact as civilians we cannot do anything much against goodness dying.

But at eBalak we realised that may be we can ! We are promoting a cause - 'World Goodness Day' to be observed on November 26, with the simple message of

'Be Good. Do Only Good'.

atleast on one day. For more details, log on to

Please voice your thoughts in the site and share with others your ideas / suggestions for the World Goodness Day. Please also refer the site to all your friends, relatives and contacts.

Though we started this for children, we are now spreading the message to grown-ups also. Because we need to be GOOD and NOT DO ANYTHING BAD, more than children! We at eBalak are sure that if we start today, tomorrow - our small act will become a culture and make an impact in the whole world.

Seeking your co-operation to BE GOOD on World Goodness Day and to spread the message today !

Thanks & Best regards
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Disclaims: The email addresses will be used only to send messages about World Goodness Day and will not be used or disclosed to anybody for personal or commercial gains.