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The idea..

Last year on November 26, we were all alternately depressed in grief and boiling with rage over the terrorist siege in hotel Taj and other places in Mumbai. We all felt helpless as we saw the drama unfold before us in all TV channels. Only it was not a drama... but live tragedy. We were all shocked on seeing the cold-blooded, brain-washed terrorists. How can people be so bad?

We were wringing our hands as we could not do anything as civilians..What can we do as civilians?

A thought struck us at eBalak with force. Why can't we do something about it? If not today, some years down the line, our efforts may have an impact. We thought of observing a day as the 'World Goodness Day'.

We all have a choice between good and bad in all our actions. Sometimes we make the choices consciously, like hitting someone, killing people, beating people etc... But sometimes we do it unconsciously also like bad mouthing people for fun, spreading false rumours, throwing garbage on the roads...

But if we make conscious efforts to make the good choice every time, our lives would be much better!

So what day could be a better choice than November 26? If it becomes the 'Good Day', we may slowly forget the tragedy we went through.

So let us make the conscious choice of 'GOOD' IN ALL THINGS WE THINK, SAY OR DO' on World Goodness Day. If all of us refrain from doing anything bad on atleast one day, the world would be a much better place that day.

We started this for children, but the logic applies to us adults also... in fact, more so for us! So we seek your efforts to spread the message of the 'World Goodness Day' to everyone you know and observe the same on November 26. Voice your thoughts in our web site which others can see.

Let us make the conscious choice of 'GOOD' IN ALL THINGS WE THINK, SAY OR DO on the World Goodness Day!