In the past two decades, we have seen very unfortunate incidents where innocent lives have been lost due to terrorism and other anti-social activities. November 26, 2009 was a massacre. And we also indulge in several acts knowingly and unknowingly in our day-to-day lives which could harm others, nature or other resources. It is very important that children, be aware of their responsibility as future citizens of the world. So if we all consciously and willingly take this oath and act according to it always, the world is assured of one more worthy citizen. It is our humble request that you take the oath.
Oath :
I, as a citizen of the world, resolve to Be Good and consciously Do Only Good in all ways I can in my daily life. I will NOT indulge in any act that will harm or be detrimental to my fellow human beings, Mother Earth, or any man-made resources. I will do simple acts of kindness to better the lives of people around me. I resolve to spread the message of goodness to as many people as I can and make this world a better and safe place for us and our future generations.
Undertaking :
We assure you that the email addresses will not be used for any commercial purpose. It is only for authentication for the oath.
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