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  • Hi Students,

    You are the pillars of tomorrow's world. It is important that you 'Be Good' & ' Do Only Good'. We all have the choice between 'Good' and 'Bad' in all things we do. When you choose 'Good' from the two choices in all your thoughts, words and actions, you are going to change the World and make it a better and safe for YOURSELF and for ALL OF US!

    So we look forward to your positive support for the 'World Goodness Day'
    • Your Plan For World Goodness Day

      'Being Good & Doing ONLY Good' does not necessarily mean that you have to spend money. We can 'Be and Do Good' in simple and inexpensive ways also. You can give your old clothes to poor, share your books with friends or do something as simple as help old people cross the road.....There are a thousand ways to 'Be Good' and 'Do ONLY Good' on the 'World Goodness Day'. Share your plans here so that others may follow you!
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    • Be A Goodness Ambassador

      Join us in spreading the spirit of Goodness. Our objective of observing the 'World Goodness Day' will be achieved only if we reach to more and more people. Please send us the details of the school / college you are studying in. We will send a poster on 'World Goodness Day' and the associated competition to your institution, requesting them to display the same on the Student Notice Boards.
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    • Student Competitions

      Painting Competition

      (Age 3 to 12)

      Little ones, boys & girls, Show your drawing and painting skills... Make a painting, on the theme"World Goodness Day" on A4 size (8.27 inches x 11.7 inches ) chart paper. *Hints : Your painting can depict different ways of being good, like helping others, being kind to animals, sharing things with others etc...
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    • Creative Writing

      (Age 13 to 21)

      Hi boys & girls,

      You are in the age, where you have started forming ideas for yourself on everything under the sun, with the exposure that you have.... You have strong likes and dislikes. Pen down your thoughts on the theme



      in about 1000 words.

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