Why November 26th? Back To Home
  • Last year, November 26th was a day filled with grief as the terror drama started. A shiver goes up our spine when we think of November 26th, when so many innocent people lost their lives in the ordeal. Whatever we do, we cannot bring those lives back... but atleast we can try to prevent something as terrible as that from happening again.
  • It can be done only if people turn good over time and shun away from evil thoughts and deeds to achieve their purposes. So the concept of 'World Goodness Day' was born.
  • But which day could be more appropriate than November 26th, on which we can pray for all those innocent lives, pay tribute to all those brave policemen and the military people who laid down their lives to fight against evil? Let us remember November 26th as the 'World Goodness Day' when we all resolve to 'BE GOOD' and 'DO ONLY GOOD'.